James Colt has been beautifying Southern California for more than 25 years.

He is an honest man.

His projects include major hotels, shopping centers, business parks, and private estates.

James is an internationally recognized Master Landscape Designer & Contractor.

His company, “Old World Landscape”, has been featured in both National and International Publications.

He is the Southern California authority in the Art & Application of Ornamental Horticulture.

He loves what he does – and it shows. The garden James and his family designed and built as a gift to Cuyamaca College received the prestigious Beautification Award presented to James and family by the California Landscape Contractor Association

Passion for his calling is just one of many reasons James is ahead of the curve.

It’s also a reason James embraces new technologies and techniques that are proving to be safe and friendly to your environment. They have also been proven to reduce long-term maintenance costs and increase investment value.

This same passion has led James to spend his life studying Ornamental Horticulture both at home, and abroad.

One of his earliest missions led him to Japan, to the College of Art & Design at the University of Kyoto, home of some of the world’s foremost masters, professors, authors, and architects in the discipline of Japanese Gardening.

Each year, a selected group of students from around the globe are chosen to study here.

James excelled.

He was given the honor of lacing the pinus thunbergiana – the venerated ancient pine a centerpiece of the east wing garden of the Emperor’s Palace in Kyoto.

Since that time, James has designed and built scores of amazing Japanese Gardens. Close to his heart remains the peaceful Solar Garden he created while on retreat in the mountains of Kyoto.

His quest for knowledge continued in Australia. Down Under, where the climate can echo that of Southern California, James gained priceless first-hand knowledge of Australia’s native drought-loving eco-systems.

And in Melbourne, James designed and built a spectacular Stylized Victorian Garden. Then he partnered in the development of a luxurious 5 acre Ranch Estate.

James says, “My experience in Australia has helped satisfy many of my clients’ design needs. The implementation of a drought-loving eco-system is being requested more and more often these days by savvy property owners throughout Southern California.”

James continued his expeditions.

Comprehensive studies of the native plants of the Caribbean – Fiji – Hawaii – and the interior of Mexico, give James a tremendous edge in the use of palms and tropical foliage when he’s designing water falls, ponds, and lush tropical landscapes for extraordinary poolside gardens.

James has carefully crafted a number of these lavish water elements for commercial properties, and luxury apartment complexes, but he especially values the freedom of designing and building distinctive water elements and tropical havens for the owners of private estates – and he finds lasting satisfaction in the years of enjoyment these remarkable water features offer property owners and their guests.

James’ educational travels continue to this day.

From ancient Roman and Etruscan villages to Medieval Castles and Grand Baroque Chateaus – James has carefully examined the architecture, stone-wall building, columns, fountains, cobblestone pavers, and details that make these styles timeless.

James is the master of nuance.

From the Botanical Gardens in Paris to the School of Botany in Florence – James has studied form – trees, shrubs, flowers – and function – focal-points, specimens, wind-breaks, ground covers, screens, hedges, and beds as applied to both formal grounds, and informal gardens.

And, from the sun-drenched citrus groves that gently caress the Villas of Tuscany, to the fertile wine country of Lyon – from the fashionable South of France, to hidden villages in the rugged Alps – and from quaint cottage gardens that cling to rutted roads, to intimate seaside gardens that hug the Amalfi Coast the old saying, “With Age – Comes Great Beauty” – is evident throughout Europe.

Creating Your Classic Garden is the very thing we love to do most at Old World Landscape.

We offer you world-class design and completion.

We work in harmony with you and nature.

We import specifically for you – and we import only exceptional stones from around the world – including hard-to-come-by stones like gorgeous granite from Jerusalem, Centuries Old Pavers from France, and Cantera Stone from Central Mexico.

These magnificent stones assure you of unrivaled colors, patterns, and textures in your columns, fountains, planters, wall caps, and flooring.

For larger budgets we offer structures crafted from almost impossible-to-come-by re-sawn wood – precious wood first hewn and fashioned hundreds of years ago.

We mate these museum-quality materials with flawless design and exacting implementation.

We orchestrate your vision.

We utilize highly skilled craftsmen, artisans, and master masons, including Eugene Robledo.

Please, call us (619-977-6982) and join our family of clients who increase their property values, appreciate inimitable quality, expect world-class design, insist upon perfection, and cherish timeless beauty.